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De Lago Residence

Santa Clara, CA


Building off the solid bones and layout of a 1970’s ranch in Santa Clara, the DeLago residence is the first home for the young professional couple living there. The owners, both engineers, had a few requests when they approached Kokili about updating the structure. Aesthetically, clean lines, minimalist detailing, and warm, raw materials were a must. With one owner’s sensitivity to bright lights, darker, richer materials like walnut and quartzites were utilized throughout, along with dimmers for every light fixture.


The couple, who entertain colleagues frequently, desired a flowing, open floor plan that is centered on around the kitchen. To accommodate the height difference between the couple, countertops in the kitchen seamlessly transition between multiple heights and overhead cabinets lowered slightly, allowing both to work together more easily. Durable, hard wearing, and tonally rich surfaces were utilized in the kitchen and bathrooms, with custom nooks and shelves to organize their daily routines.

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